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Jillian Seals - Kauai Farm Connection in Yes! Magazine

Jillian Seals – Kauai Farm Connection in Yes! Magazine

Paradise Farmed: Inside Kaua’i’s Local Food Movement

The issue of local food is more urgent when you’re more than 2,400 miles away from the nearest continent.

Take the case of Jillian Seals, who with her husband Gary has farmed 12 acres of land in the town of Kilauea for eight years. “The barn was here when we got here and nothing else,” Seals said while giving this reporter a tour of the farm. “Everything else was just grass that was taller than you and I.”Regardless of its lack of infrastructure and the limited supply of water it receives from the county, the land was priced at $2.6 million. Wryly, Seals observes that she’d need to sell a lot of lettuce to afford its purchase.Instead, she ended up leasing the land from its eventual buyer, who wanted to keep it in agriculture. Today, Seals runs the island’s largest CSA operation on the island and the only one that accepts EBT, or food stamps.